With The Launch of Davos CAP Calculator, Investors Don’t Need To Worry Anymore

David Osio, the chief executive officer, who also acts at the financial advisor at Davos Financial Group has led his team into launching an app that hopes to be useful to the investors in the real estate sector. Davos Cap Calculator, as the name suggests, is a mobile application that allows investors to estimate the amount of money they can get from a real estate investment deal after all the expenses have been subtracted. Mr Osio adds that he has been working with his team for half a year on the project ensuring that the latest and most useful technology has been incorporated into the app.



In addition to the benefits accrued from the Davos Cap Calculator, investors and other clients are assured of a Mortgage calculator which comes hand in hand with the Davos CAP Calculator that will help them estimate the amount they are going to spend as interest from the banks and the amount of time that they will be required to pay through. These apps have come at a very opportune time when investors and everyone uses their smartphones for everything.



Incorporating technology that suits the company and makes the client’s lives easy is something to be admired from Davis Real Estate Group. If more companies could be able to spot a technology that is useful to them and use it can make a whole new perspective into the businesses today, regardless what industry one is at.



At Davos Financial Group Mr Osio has led the company to develop and expand both operation wise and also to diversify and get more profits. So far the company has operations in Geneva Miami Panama City and continues to open offices in different other cities. With more than twenty three years in the company, he knows how to treat customers and clients and work together to bring out the best.



Before founding the Davos Financial Group, he worked at Banco Latino International as the vice president. Here, he oversaw the operations of the company and also supervised his management team. Mr Osio has a wide range of experience and skills from his years working at high positions in these companies. His leadership skills and marketing skills are on point and uses them to attract and retain clients in his company.



Mr Osio is a trained lawyer specializing in International Banking Law which he studied at Universidad Catolica Andres Bello.