Who’s Afraid of Kate Hudson? Amazon!

This slim, successful actress may not appear to have anything in common with retailing giant Amazon, but when you take a closer look, you can see where the two share goals.

Kate Hudson recently launched a fitness clothing line in concert with Fab clothing and since their primary market is electronic, they are de facto declaring war on Amazon. Currently, Amazon commands 20% of the electronic fashion market and Fabletics wants a piece of that action.


How many of us have heard that the best defense is a good offence? Clearly Fabletics has because they have based their marketing on an aggressive assault on Amazon’s weakest points: personalization, guaranteed quality and excellent customer service.

Fabletics’ is based on a membership model. At this point, many potential customers hold their heads and roll their eyes saying “never”, but this is not the old book-of-the-month club that drove your grandmother crazy. This is a friendlier membership that seeks to retain you as a long-term customer based on what you actually want as opposed to charging you for things you forgot to return in time.


Fabletics entices new customers with an amazing offer: a complete fitness outfit for $20. Many of us spend more than that on coffee in a week. The catch is that with the initial offer, you agree to become a VIP member to at least test Fabletics.

Each month Fabletics selects an outfit for each customer based on past purchases, listed interests and the type of exercise they do. You may keep the outfit for $50 (approximately), return all or part of it for store credit or for a refund for which you are charged a small processing fee.


If you want to prevent Fabletics from sending any outfit at all for a given month, log into your account or call customer service within the allocated time period and inform them that you do not want an outfit that month.


Recently, Fabletics is opening physical stores. Rather than competing with their electronic business, these stores expand upon it, including the essential customization feature. The stock is based on what sells in the area in which the store is located. For example, if women prefer to work out in capris in your area, that store will stock more capri pants styles and fewer shorts. If you visit a store in another area, it will feature what sells well to the membership customers in that area.


Fabletics is challenging Amazon by creating a new online experience for its customers, one that Amazon does not offer. Women enjoy varied apparel even for exercise purposes. The membership system enables them to add variety to their exercise wardrobe that is of high quality and modest price without leaving home.


Using the co-owner, Kate Hudson, in the advertising is the cream. Her video personality is fun, sporty and fashionable while being encouraging to women at home who will never look as she does in the products. With so much going for it, we expect future success for Fabletics. Beware Amazon!