PosiGen, Solar Power

PosiGen – The Next Generation of Affordable Solar

Solar energy has been a key component in the latest push for more environmentally friendly green energy options. Solar cells have increased in efficiency dramatically over the past decade, becoming increasingly more available to the average homeowner. Unfortunately, the average homeowner would be over $13,000 out of pocket to install this new powerful technology if paid for directly out of pocket (Energycentral


Most companies as of 2021 offer financing options to install the panels for a homeowner in a very attractive manner. However, even financed, it can be hard for the average person to have good enough credit to be approved or afford the out-of-pocket expense of paying for the solar power cells and installation. PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart has explained that the company’s mission is to bring access to solar energy to low to moderate-income families and support the growth of the community. PosiGen has made a promise to their customers that if solar power will not save them money they will not install it. 

siGen’s focus is to bring solar energy and with it, savings, jobs, and a positive environmental impact to communities they serve. Instead of the standard financing options of solar installation companies, PosiGen has a way to bring solar savings to the customer without breaking the bank. With the solar power company´s leasing options the customer can lease next-generation solar panels with energy efficient upgrades, easy monthly payments, and no minimum credit check with installation included. PosiGen CEO keeps on explaining that the firm makes installing this valuable green technology available to the average person in a way that will change not only the future of energy efficiency, but access to alternative energy sources to the average person as well.