Mike Baur Launches The Swiss Startup Factory To Accelerate Growth Of Startups

Mike Baur is a renowned Swiss entrepreneur, who also worked in the private banking industry of the country until 2014. To help startups access the right materials for growth, Mike Baur launched the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 and the company has been supporting upcoming entrepreneurs by availing resources for growth and financing.


To make the program beneficial, Mike Baur has partnered with several top universities in the country to bring closer resources that can help the startups to grow. The Swiss Startup Factory runs a three months incubation program and there is post accelerator support that runs for five months once a startup begins operating on its own. The idea behind the post accelerator support is to ensure startups are overseen through the growth process and that all the ideas shared during the incubation period are implemented accurately.


Acceleration program

The Swiss Startup acceleration program runs for three months and the company takes two batches, in January and September.


During the three months, startups measure, build and learn about the industry and they are able to reach their ambitious milestones if all the information shared is implemented. The Swiss Startup Factory also offers a demo day where the startups are introduced to market dynamics.


Product development

The process of coming up with an appealing and useful product requires a lot of research and creativity. There are many companies that sell products similar to the one a startup could be introducing, so one needs to present something unique to stand out.


This is one of the areas the Swiss Startup Factory reviews to assist startups in the product development process. The startup is offered suggestions that lead to an improvement on the existing product and to make marketing easier, they also assist in branding.


Marketing/IT support

Marketing is a vital element in running a business that one cannot ignore. You need to engage proper and focused marketing to allow a business to emerge successful. Through the Swiss Startup Factory, startups are given marketing and IT support that help them to easily get their products to the market. Mike Baur has invited leading marketing firms and professionals in the area, who offer invaluable support to help the startups embrace the market without having to spend a lot.


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