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John Ritenour and Insurance Office of America Sports Partnerships

When John Ritenour transformed IOA into a national organization, he knew the chance would combine his long-term passion for the sport with his professional passion. John Ritenour has begun establishing partnerships and funding sports teams to provide insurance solutions and management of risks to specific needs. He also founded the IOA Sports Partners, which is part of the IOA Company Group from this growth path.

He evaluates greater collaboration. Initially, it was a solution for growing businesses but later employed with big companies. John Ritenour and his insurance team have the chance to collaborate with university sports teams, sports leagues, professional teams, national boards governing various sports.

For more than a decade, IOA has been proud of the partnership established by John Ritenour in 2008 and the Jacksonville Jaguars supporter. In addition, since the same year, IOA has been the official provider of Jaguar insurance, responsible for creating, supporting, and transforming the team’s insurance plan. Ritenour played a significant role when he formed the association ten years ago and proudly improved the agreement in 2019 for three years.

In 2017, the Insurance Office of America turned into the official insurance agent of the Orlando City Football Club and Orlando City. John Ritenour and his IOA staff both considered these two activities as a great success in Central Florida. The Ritenour-led team has formed a unique partnership with the Orlando City Foundation, a charitable organization in Orlando, SC.

The partnership aims to support the Orlando City Foundation’s annual awards and fundraising program. These activities help fund football projects, health and wellness education, and other charitable donations to communities in central Florida. John Ritenour grew up a living, successful businessman, family, and community member. Although most people know that Ritenour turned the small insurance company into a national full-service brokerage firm, they do not know where he started or what his journey looks like today.

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