Inside the life of Doe Deere

Maybe you’ve heard of her; the beautiful founder of the company “Lime Crime” Doe Deere. With her flawless skin and colorfully luscious hair drawing you in to the stylish pictures you’ll find her in one might think this woman has it easy. As many people know, looking good, staying in shape, and maintaining a photo ready appearance year round isn’t as easy of a task as we all hope it be. Lucky for us Deere shares a few of her secrets here ( where you’ll find out that her work ethic plays a big role not only in her business but in her stunning look as well. She gives awareness to routines and how every successful individual in any field must have one. Attached to the link above you’ll get a sneak peak at hers.


Doe Deere’s company Lime Crime is sweeping the internet, setting new trends, and overall empowering an individuals own uniqueness, with Lime Crime definitely standing out as a unique company in the beauty industry themselves. She states that her goal is to “revolutionize makeup“. I’d say that’s a pretty lofty goal, especially in an industry thats been around for over a century. Though somehow Lime Crime’s done it. With taking one of there lipstick products called “Blue Unicorn” and turning it into a “mainstream must-have” as Deere says, competitors are racing to catch up to this companies avalanche in growing consumers & fans.


Lime Crime’s products are all cruelty free, meaning they are all natural and don’t contain any animal products. Doe Deere supports animals in need and has donated money to organizations that help save animal lives, along with adopting to stray cats in need of help.

Deere says that she is most interested in the new age consumers, labeling them the digital age (those born after 1997). She sees the shift in how people are shopping, believing the number of online line shoppers are only going to continue to grow. That notion drove her to have Lime Crime become one of the first cosmetic brands to aggressively working on e-commerce.

I’m very excited for the future of Lime Crime & anxious to see what Doe Deere pulls out next!


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