Business Expert, Joseph Ashford

Helpful Insight for Start-Up by Joseph Ashford

The founder of K4, a marketing company in London, is a world-renowned strategic marketer. Joseph Ashford understands the importance of having a reputable management and marketing system and the need to have a solid public relations department. Joseph Ashford says that the world is moving past the traditional methods of advertising. Everyone now prefers content creation instead of the old pitching methods used in the past. Below are various strategies he has outlined to help start-ups in London and the rest of the world.

Content Creation

Joseph Ashford urges the entrepreneurs to ensure they have a solid social media presence for start-ups to be competitive. They should also create content that shows their best offers to targeted potential clients.

Understand Their Audience

Knowing your audience will help the start-ups to plan their strategic marketing adequately. They should use the many available tools online to help them determine people visiting their websites. They will know the age, gender, location, ethnicity, and even profession. The information will be invaluable during the strategic marketing planning for the businesses.

Offer Trials

For start-ups, many people will be unfamiliar with the products or services you are offering. Joseph Ashford urges the start-ups to consider giving free samples and trials to the clients to help them familiarize themselves with their products. Customers will significantly value the test experience, and he assures you that this will influence a sale.

Create a Network

Joseph Ashford encourages start-ups to build a robust network around them. He says that creating strong friendships with fellow entrepreneurs in the industry will be helpful in the start-up’s success. They will help you grow by sharing ideas and secrets of the trade in the industry. They will also help spread the word about your firm, which is an excellent resource for growth.

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