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Destined for Greatness- producer and Comedian Andrew Alexander

Andrew Alexander started his career as an editor of a magazine and soon moved up to producing late night shows which were more geared toward his passions. Networking through his positions like working at the Ivanhoe Theater is how he met the co-founder of The Second City, which skyrocketed his career. Andrew Alexander took on The Second City’s Toronto location when it was failing and brought it to life in 1985. The Toronto location had never been successful and did not have a liquor license or an audience to speak of until Andrew Alexander took control. Because of his success with the Toronto location he was able to acquire the Chicago location as well.

Many different comedians and actors started their careers with The Second City and SCTV including Joan Rivers, Fred Willard, and Bob Curry. His productions were so successful that they even ended up on programs such as HBO, Showtime, and even Disney. Andrew Alexander was able to achieve many Emmy nominations and awards based on his production skills and the actors, actresses, and comedians he workedLog Out with. Andrew Alexander is a household name because of his production skills, passion for comedy, and ability to blend the two seamlessly. Andrew Alexander was able to turn serious political, racial, and other serious social issues into comedy and carefree fun for all.

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