Squaw Valley Water Quality Returning To Normal Levels

The isolated water quality problems that have been seen in a small part of the historic Squaw Valley Ski Resort are draw to a close as officials from Placer County Environmental Health Department have reported they are winning the battle to return the water to its previous safe levels. Squaw Valley Public Relations Director Liesl Kenney has reported the resort acted as fast as possible to shut off water supplies to the popular Gold Coast and High Camp areas that remain opening for skiing with complimentary bottled water available for all visitors to these slopes.


A routine testing period following a historic rain event revealed the presence of E.Coli and Coliform in four wells that serve only the Upper Mountain region of the resort; Liesl Kenney explained the well water system was updated in 2016, but the level of water inundating the wells was at a level far above what could have reasonably been expected in this region of California. Kenney was at pains to point out the water issues had been limited to the four wells in Upper Mountain with no other area of the resort affected by the presence of these two forms of bacteria. The water in this area was voluntarily shut off by Squaw Valley officials as soon as the bacteria was identified before any water could be offered to visitors to the resort and no medical issues have been identified as being linked to the water quality issues.


Correcting the water problem and maintaining the safety of individual visitors have been the main priorities of Squaw Valley officials and executives who have been working with Placer County Environmental Health officials to make sure every option is explored for returning the water too safe levels; Squaw Valley has even employed its own water quality specialists in a bid to make sure every aspect of the problem is identified and corrected. The battle appears to be being won by Squaw Valley as Placer County’s Wesley Nicks reported three of the four wells are now clear of E.Coli and have lowered levels of Coliform as the work to rectify the issues is proving to be a success.