Billy McFarland Introduces a New Concept to the Millennial Generation–The Prestigious Magnises Black Card

According to The Guardian, when it comes to networking tools and opportunities there is nothing quite as sensational, currently, as the stylish black Magnises card, created by Billy McFarland. The twenty-three year old entrepreneur has created a networking tool which is revolutionizing the way the Millennial generation builds business relationships.

The persons, using the card, represent an age range beginning at twenty-one years of age up to thirty-five years old. The persons, inside this special group, are comprised of individuals, originating from the professions of fashion, technology, and finance.

A person who invests, in the black Magnises cardis able to gain easy entry into the city’s trendiest clubs, enjoy discounts at the city’s best restaurants, and pubs, and attend private concerts and special niche events. There is a penthouse location where Magnises members meet up to mingle for events such as evening cocktail parties, and/or late night musical sets, hosted by DJs.

In so doing, he or she is able to pay for purchases with his or her black card. It is the networking card with a pay option attached.

Is Billy McFarland providing a way for the Millennial to easily socially network? By offering deals, and effortless entry into some of New York’s best locations: the answer is apparent. Billy McFarland is paving a road relative to social networking success for the young and stylish Millennial.