Steps For Hiring Twenty Three Layers For Your Event

Hiring a planner is supposed to help reduce the stress that comes with hosting an event. Use the following steps to find a planner that is just right for your event.


The Pre-Hiring Process


Event Objective: Determine the goals of your event, such as raising money for a cause or planning a wedding reception.


Reason for Hiring: Determine what tasks you need your planner to take care of on your behalf.


Budget: Once you figure out the goals and tasks, create a budget based around your event.


Source Your Planners


Research: It is best to research event planners in NYC instead of only relying on word of mouth from peers.


Professional Affiliations: You want to look for an event planner who is experienced in your type of event.


Chapters of Professional Membership Groups: The groups include the International Special Events Society and National Association of Catering Executives.


Local Chambers of Commerce and Hotels: You can also find a qualified planner through the local convention and visitors bureau and hotel convention sales department.


The Interview Process


Interview Three Planners: Use the interview process to learn about their business and experience with events.


Provide Details: A qualified planner wants to learn everything they can about your goals, budget, timeline and other aspects of your event.


Check References: Talk to your planners about their past events, check their references and research their business.


Hiring Your Planner


Narrow Your Search Down: Your planner will create a plan based around your goals and budget.


Find Out The Budget: You want to discuss the terms and fees before settling on a planner.


Review The Fine Print: Do not sign a contract until it is reviewed by your legal counsel.


Work With Your Planner


Confirm The Details: You need to stay in communication with your planner throughout the event. Confirm the details by checking with their suppliers and venues.


Be Ready For Anything: You may find yourself firing or rehiring your planner, so make sure you are ready for any changes that come your way.


Twenty Three Layers is one of the best event planning companies in NYC. The company specializes in event planning services such as venue selection, lighting, floral design and catering. You can also hire the company to create printed pieces, select entertainment and photograph your event.


You are sure to find the right planner for your event when you take the time to go through all the steps.

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