Wengie Give Great Life Hacks for the Lazy


Many lazy people would benefit from the viewing of 12 LIFE HACKS Every LAZY PERSON Should Know!!!. Wengie provides so great ways to accommodate the lazy-hungry, the lazy-slouchy, and the over all lazy-lazy.

Let’s face it many lazy people would rather starve than get up and cook food. Wengie give viewer simple recipes for one minute mug microwave meals. She also shows how to make bowl from a chip back and a spoon from a yogurt top. Did you know that a hoodie could double as a hands free popcorn holder. Plus, never get up to check on food again, just Face time your oven per Wengie’s instructions. Oh, and don’t forget to plastic wrap your plate, so no dishes have to be washed.

Even lazy people have to leave the house every now and then. They must look like they tried, so don’t get an iron, just use the straight iron to smooth down that collar. Works like a charm and save energy.

Loosing the remote is a problem of the past just down load a remote app on your phone and you are good to go. For that matter, hook your iPad to the side of your nightstand and you don’t even need TV. Just lay down and enjoy your video.

Wengie provides so many more hacks for the self declared lazy person. She gives great advice on how to use the least amount of energy to accomplish what has to be done. Life hacks at their finest.