The Passes On My Magnises Card Gives Me Access To Clubs And Hotels

I have been using the Magnises card for an entire year now, and purchasing the card was the best thing I could’ve done. I’ve been to places that I had never been to before in New York City, and I have some great perks on that I would love to share with everyone else. Although I go out with my friends when I hit New York City for some fun, sometimes, my friends can’t get into certain events that I’m allowed to go into because they are not a Magnises card member. Although I feel a bit bad when I go into these events without my friends, I also feel privileged.

My friends and I went out to a restaurant one night and got reservations that were very hard to get, and the only reason this happened was because I am a Magnises card member. I stayed in the Dream hotel recently, and I only paid $79 for the night, but my regular price would have been almost $250.

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Along with staying in the hotel for such a great price, I also got an upgrade, and I got other discounts that made my night that much better. The Magnises card cost me a membership fee, which is worth every penny. Since I do a lot of traveling around New York City as well as to other cities, I have put a HotelPass on my Magnises card. The HotelPass is great because I get to stay in various hotels for a heavily discounted price, and also, I can get room upgrades from time to time, which is so amazing.

Another great thing I love is that we can go out to nightclubs because I’m young and love having fun. I added a ClubPass to my account because every week I head over to a club in town, but it used to be hard to get in. Since I put the ClubPass on my Magnises card, I’ve never been turned away from any nightclub because the pass allows me a guaranteed entrance, which definitely makes my friends jealous. I’ve encouraged my friends to get the Magnises card for themselves, but some of them just want to hang on to me whenever I use my card!

After explaining to some friends that there is a SportsPass from Magnises, which would allow them to get some great seats at sports event, I convinced a couple of my friends to get the card for themselves. I’ve been able to purchase great theater tickets, I’ve gotten into nice bars and received a great table, and I’ve even gotten discounts on my bottle service whenever I go to certain places to have a drink. The Magnises card is everything to me because it allows me to have fun at a great discount.