Reviewing The Support Of Mike Baur To Building Startups

Many startups are initialized with minimal structures to support growth, something that exposes them to failure. Mike Baur is offering alternative solutions to young entrepreneurs who find themselves in such scenarios. Through the Swiss Startup Factory, which he founded in 2014, he is offering a three months incubation program, where talented startups are able to go through the basic principles that power a business to succeed in the market. The Swiss Startup has so far sponsored over 50 startups and currently stands as the biggest and most successful incubation facility across Switzerland.


Before launching the startup, Mike Baur had served in the private banking sector of the country for nearly 20 years. At the young age of 39 in 2014, he resigned from banking to start his journey in entrepreneurship. So far, everything has been a success and his incubation program has succeeded in supporting many talented startups to become successful businesses. During the three months, the entrepreneurs are taken through rigorous training and incubation to ensure they understand the market and forces that inspire the growth of a small business.


Digital strategy

In the current digital world, it can prove challenging to compete if the business does not follow the right digital trends. Before any changes occur in the market, a prudent entrepreneur should prepare and also be in a position to make predictions using data collected from the market. The Swiss Startup Factory allows young entrepreneurs to understand how they can use various types of data to plan their digital strategies well and to position their businesses in the path of growth.


Legal support

Laws that govern business are a vital resource in its growth and could, on the flipside, affect its growth negatively. Understanding the legal aspect of running a business eliminates the possibility of failure and this is one of the things the Swiss Startup Factory considers vital while incubating startups. All startups are taken through legal education to understand the legal boundaries that must not be crossed and to also get insight into managing legal affairs.


More about Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a successful Switzerland entrepreneur, who was born and raised in Fribourg. When he was a teenager, he dreamt of becoming a good financial expert and this motivated him to pursue finance and banking. He pursued his career in banking for over 15 years and in 2014, he exited the industry to become an entrepreneur. He launched the Swiss Startup Factory in the same year to support young entrepreneurs in the country.



Squaw Valley Water Quality Returning To Normal Levels

The isolated water quality problems that have been seen in a small part of the historic Squaw Valley Ski Resort are draw to a close as officials from Placer County Environmental Health Department have reported they are winning the battle to return the water to its previous safe levels. Squaw Valley Public Relations Director Liesl Kenney has reported the resort acted as fast as possible to shut off water supplies to the popular Gold Coast and High Camp areas that remain opening for skiing with complimentary bottled water available for all visitors to these slopes.


A routine testing period following a historic rain event revealed the presence of E.Coli and Coliform in four wells that serve only the Upper Mountain region of the resort; Liesl Kenney explained the well water system was updated in 2016, but the level of water inundating the wells was at a level far above what could have reasonably been expected in this region of California. Kenney was at pains to point out the water issues had been limited to the four wells in Upper Mountain with no other area of the resort affected by the presence of these two forms of bacteria. The water in this area was voluntarily shut off by Squaw Valley officials as soon as the bacteria was identified before any water could be offered to visitors to the resort and no medical issues have been identified as being linked to the water quality issues.


Correcting the water problem and maintaining the safety of individual visitors have been the main priorities of Squaw Valley officials and executives who have been working with Placer County Environmental Health officials to make sure every option is explored for returning the water too safe levels; Squaw Valley has even employed its own water quality specialists in a bid to make sure every aspect of the problem is identified and corrected. The battle appears to be being won by Squaw Valley as Placer County’s Wesley Nicks reported three of the four wells are now clear of E.Coli and have lowered levels of Coliform as the work to rectify the issues is proving to be a success.

A Special Russian Philanthropic Genius

Not many Americans know many Russian businessmen. The few renowned Russian professionals in this country are usually in one of the science or medical fields. But Alexei Beltyukov is a name that is quickly gaining popularity. In 2013, Alexei founded Endemic Capital, an angel funding company that provides support to fellow Russian startup companies. It’s a great passion Alexei has to encourage and support fellow Russian entrepreneurs.

His love of helping his countrymen is what led him to found several different supporting organizations. His organizations focus mainly on providing assistance to other Russian entrepreneurs or students wishing to attend business school.

Along with his many organizations, Alexei has also started several grants and scholarships. also reported that Alexei Beltyukov believes that education is crucial to succeeding in life no matter what the end goal is.

One of the most important influences in Alexei’s life has been INSEAD, in Fontainebleau, France. The school, founded by Georges Doriot in 1957, played a role in Alexei’s success. After successfully founding A-Ventures Ltd, Alexei established a Russian Alumni Scholarship at INSEAD.

According to Euro Hockey, Alexei Beltyukov credits his entire career to attaining his MBA at INSEAD. INSEAD taught Alexei never to let anything stand in his way of accomplishing his goals.

There are two charitable, progressive causes that Alexei holds dear; the Skolkovo Foundation and SOLVY. Alexei serves as the vice president of development and commercialization of the Skolkovo Foundation. Learn more about more Brian Torchin:

The foundation focuses on diversifying the Russian economy further. It hopes to introduce new computer, space, and nuclear technologies as well as biomedicine and improving energy efficiencies. Since being founded in 2010, more than 30 Russian companies have endorsed the foundation.

In 2015, Alexei became part of the SOLVY program, an online math tutor for students in high school. His love and appreciation for education inspired Alexei to get more involved with children’s education.

This new type of online math tutor is more interactive, allowing students to learn at their pace. SOLVY helps less math-capable students by pointing out their errors in a positive way. The online program shows them where they made mistakes.

Jim Hunt Achievements in VTA Publications Financial Space

Jim Hunt is one of the most prominent financial advisors in the United States. He is currently the chief executive officer of an institution known as VTA Publications. He has helped many investors in the past, especially those who invest in the competitive stock market. The successful financial advisor has impacted the stock exchange industry on, earning the respect of many people. Since Jim Hunt has been in the industry for a very long time, he has gained a lot of expertise and experience, and this makes him make very safe and intelligent decisions in the risky market.

Hunt shares financial advice through his YouTube account. Many people love watching his videos to get advice on investments every now and then. Hunt has been so successful too because he can read and predict the trades in the stock market. He has the ability to translate the crucial information to the ordinary investor too, and this is why his YouTube videos are currently very popular.

Not long ago, the successful financial advisor attended an interview to discuss all his achievements at, especially in his company. According to him, he the great exposure he had in the big banking institutions in the past gave him the experience he needed to start VTA Publications. VTA Publications would help the middle-class investor to understand all the secrets of the banks, and at the end of the day change their financial destinies.

Every day when Hunt wakes up, he focuses on improving the lives of investors and his clients at VTA Publications. He mostly focuses on the market ideas when he wakes up. Matters that concern business and stock trading are his first priority before he gets tired. He, however, starts the day with some simple workouts to ensure that his body is physically fit. He mostly takes his lunch at the office, and he ensures that it is light so that he does not get sleepy. Every day, Jim Hunt loves spending time with his family, especially during dinner time. The successful financial advisor on is happy when he manages to bring his clients ideas into life because he gets the satisfaction he wants in life.