Mike Baur Launches The Swiss Startup Factory To Accelerate Growth Of Startups

Mike Baur is a renowned Swiss entrepreneur, who also worked in the private banking industry of the country until 2014. To help startups access the right materials for growth, Mike Baur launched the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 and the company has been supporting upcoming entrepreneurs by availing resources for growth and financing.


To make the program beneficial, Mike Baur has partnered with several top universities in the country to bring closer resources that can help the startups to grow. The Swiss Startup Factory runs a three months incubation program and there is post accelerator support that runs for five months once a startup begins operating on its own. The idea behind the post accelerator support is to ensure startups are overseen through the growth process and that all the ideas shared during the incubation period are implemented accurately.


Acceleration program

The Swiss Startup acceleration program runs for three months and the company takes two batches, in January and September.


During the three months, startups measure, build and learn about the industry and they are able to reach their ambitious milestones if all the information shared is implemented. The Swiss Startup Factory also offers a demo day where the startups are introduced to market dynamics.


Product development

The process of coming up with an appealing and useful product requires a lot of research and creativity. There are many companies that sell products similar to the one a startup could be introducing, so one needs to present something unique to stand out.


This is one of the areas the Swiss Startup Factory reviews to assist startups in the product development process. The startup is offered suggestions that lead to an improvement on the existing product and to make marketing easier, they also assist in branding.


Marketing/IT support

Marketing is a vital element in running a business that one cannot ignore. You need to engage proper and focused marketing to allow a business to emerge successful. Through the Swiss Startup Factory, startups are given marketing and IT support that help them to easily get their products to the market. Mike Baur has invited leading marketing firms and professionals in the area, who offer invaluable support to help the startups embrace the market without having to spend a lot.


The Passes On My Magnises Card Gives Me Access To Clubs And Hotels

I have been using the Magnises card for an entire year now, and purchasing the card was the best thing I could’ve done. I’ve been to places that I had never been to before in New York City, and I have some great perks on magnises.com that I would love to share with everyone else. Although I go out with my friends when I hit New York City for some fun, sometimes, my friends can’t get into certain events that I’m allowed to go into because they are not a Magnises card member. Although I feel a bit bad when I go into these events without my friends, I also feel privileged.

My friends and I went out to a restaurant one night and got reservations that were very hard to get, and the only reason this happened was because I am a Magnises card member. I stayed in the Dream hotel recently, and I only paid $79 for the night, but my regular price would have been almost $250.

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Along with staying in the hotel for such a great price, I also got an upgrade, and I got other discounts that made my night that much better. The Magnises card cost me a membership fee, which is worth every penny. Since I do a lot of traveling around New York City as well as to other cities, I have put a HotelPass on my Magnises card. The HotelPass is great because I get to stay in various hotels for a heavily discounted price, and also, I can get room upgrades from time to time, which is so amazing.

Another great thing I love is that we can go out to nightclubs because I’m young and love having fun. I added a ClubPass to my account because every week I head over to a club in town, but it used to be hard to get in. Since I put the ClubPass on my Magnises card, I’ve never been turned away from any nightclub because the pass allows me a guaranteed entrance, which definitely makes my friends jealous. I’ve encouraged my friends to get the Magnises card for themselves, but some of them just want to hang on to me whenever I use my card!

After explaining to some friends that there is a SportsPass from Magnises, which would allow them to get some great seats at sports event, I convinced a couple of my friends to get the card for themselves. I’ve been able to purchase great theater tickets, I’ve gotten into nice bars and received a great table, and I’ve even gotten discounts on my bottle service whenever I go to certain places to have a drink. The Magnises card is everything to me because it allows me to have fun at a great discount.

Plenty Of Benefits Of Water

A lot of people already know that water is healthy. However, people are not quite as aware of the specific benefits that come with drinking water. A lot of these benefits come from the purest forms of water that is available. When people discover those benefits, they will be persuaded to drink more water.

For one thing, a lot of these benefits are hard to resist for people who are living in today’s world. A lot of people have many different physical health struggles that could be averted with adequate amounts of water. Of course, there are other nutrients that people need with water in order to maximize the effects. One of the best types of water to drink is Waiakea spring water

One benefit that comes with Waiakea water is that it maintains the youthful appearance. People often do not realize how helpful water is for their youthful appearance. While there is no guarantee, one of the reasons that some people seem to never age is that they keep up on their adequate water intake.


It is important to make sure that the type of water one is getting is very helpful. According to Crunchbase, Fortunately Waiakea water has a lot of the benefits that people can take away and plenty more. With Waiakea water, people will also have an easier time losing weight. For one thing, a lot of what makes up a person’s body weight is water.

However, the human body needs water for metabolism. This is one of the reasons that some people have an easier time losing weight. They keep up with the water intake so that they will be able to burn fat.

Learn more about Waiakea water: http://www.ladistco.com/products/drinks/water/waiakea-hawaiian-volcanic-water/

Buying New Gooee LED Lighting

More more homeowners are making the decision to switch to LED lighting because of the fact that this is a great way for them to save tons of money. Your electricity bill is probably one of the highest bills that you receive each and every month is simply because you do not have any control over how much electricity is going to each and every fixture within the home. One way for you to control this more efficiently is to switch to Gooee LED lighting and to make sure that every single light bulb that is in your home is actually LED.

Switching to Gooee LED lighting is great because it saves you lots of money and allows you to have a more energy efficient home that you can feel proud of for yourself and your loved ones. LED lighting also comes in a variety of different styles and sizes so that you can easily implemented into just about any room within the home.  You might want to consider Gooee as the company of your choosing when it comes to actually switching to LED lighting because they are one of the top in the nation and are currently being used by thousands of people who are making the switch themselves for a more energy efficient home that saves them lots of money.

Hiring a Good Lawyer for Your Legal Needs

Selecting a lawyer or law firm is one of the most important decisions that anyone can make when it comes to resolving a legal problem. Not all lawyers are created equal, and there is more to selecting a lawyer than flipping through a telephone book or picking the first name on a search results page.

If you are planning to hire a lawyer in Brazil, you will find a lot of legal professionals. With so many lawyers to choose from, it is important to be sure you make the right choice.

With a record number of practicing attorneys in Brazil, finding a lawyer or law firm for your legal needs requires thorough research. This is because not all lawyers will have the expertise to handle the type of case you are dealing with. It is extremely important that you take the time to represent you.

Sometimes a good lawyer can be found through word of mouth and referrals. Recommendations from friends and relatives are a good way to get quality legal talent. Also professionals like accountant and doctors will be able to recommend a good lawyer to you. For a top-rated lawyer in Brazil, consider Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho for effective representation.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a competent lawyer and specializes in business and corporate litigation law. He has a great reputation among his clients and his peers due to his excellent performance. Ricardo has successfully handled a multitude of complex legal matters, which has made him popular in Brazil and around the world.

Ricardo Tosto counsels businesses, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, company personnel, big companies, politicians and private individuals.

He also provides guidance to his established business clients, and directs them through potential legal issues that necessarily occur from operations, business planning, insurance dealings, employee/labor relations, regulatory mandates, and commercial transactions. Additionally, Ricardo Tosto guides his clients through other complicated processes such as of mergers, acquisitions, business successor planning and dissolution.

Brian Bonar Entrepreneurship Pursuits

Brian Bonar, a Scottish entrepreneur, has been a great pursuer of entrepreneurship ventures. His new venture is with the Bellarmy hotel where he is now the sole manager of the hotel. Bonar has ensured that he has put into this 4-star hotel a group of experienced chefs from France with traditionalism and originality.

His pursuant of the Bellamy hotel is common to his other pursuant with companies he has had interaction with like Imaging Technologies Corporation a firm dealing with development tools and production systems for the increasingly growing jet market. He has great pursuant for great financial ventures which he ensures they work to his benefit.

Brian Bonar is famously known for his expertise in mergers and acquisitions; he is a graduate of James Watt Technical College and has earned a master in mechanical engineering from Stafford University. Despite studying in engineering specialty business has been his career life, he once worked with IBM as the procurement manager and was holding a responsibility of outsourcing the IBM pieces a firm he worked with for 16 years. He has been involved greatly with the printing technology and facilitating wide sales of printing machines and distributing them in globally.

Bonar served as the director of Dalrada Financial Cooperation board and concluded with being the board’s chairperson in 1995. He has also founded companies like Beziers Systems and was the chief executive officer of the firm who facilitated the coming up of the SCSI based printer. He has had a lot of interactions with software and printers in addition to his career role as a mechanical engineer.

His determination has had him becoming in charge of two companies to the present which is Trucept and Dalrada Financial Services. His colleagues greatly appreciate his sales and marketing traits in addition to his character of being strategy oriented. The character has promoted significant success in all he companies that he has been working with.

One of his traits is the ability to analyze problems critically and coming up with working solutions. At Trucept Brian was known not for waiting for things to happen but making them happen. He has extensive experience in the many industries he has worked with from mechanical industries, service industries, and the business industry.

Bonar is also a Ph.D. holder from Stafford University and a trusted person inboard membership of many institutions ad firms that he continues being of service to. Other than work he is a philanthropist supporting nonprofit organizations like Lions Club, Boys and Girls Club and Escondido Children’s Museum.

Bonar has received great recognitions including the Who is who in America the 2000 award. His efforts are very eminent in addition to his entrepreneurial cultures.