Securing Inmates by Use of Securus Technologies’ Inventions.

Matters concerning personal and national security deserves alerts of high levels. Our technologies have been misused by criminals to carry out an offense that threatens human living. Lives and property have been lost through terror attacks and leakage of information from the inmates to the public. Secures Technologies have gone an extra mile by creating a Searchable Voice Software. This device has gained recognition across the United States in matters concerning combatting criminal attacks and investigation. An investigator is in a proper position of gunning down any suspicious criminal plan before it happens. Samples of voice recordings at taken through a thorough investigation to establish bits source and the desired destination without necessarily requiring the need of looking into the suspect biometric information. Clear information is laid down upon investigating the voice of the criminals. Secures Technologies offers extensive investigation services on inmates and those living outside the bars. Phone call history is just fed into the device and automatically conversation of the suspects with other counterpart found. Immediately investigation is prompted thus stopping any planned terror attacks. The general public can get information and alerts before the happening of the criminal assault. Other security agencies are equally given information to enable them to get to the matter with ease.

Information about Secures technology.

With public security at core, the company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and serves a good number of people. Securing the inmates and their communication is vital not only to their security but also for the country. The technology serves a high number of prisoners not only in America but the whole of North America. The firm provides emergency responses, incidence management, and public information investigation. Their technology is most advanced in information management, inmate self-service and monitoring of the various products and services. For more details, it would be important to open the page: BBB Securus Reviews

Marion Cotillard Wikipedia Incident Leaves Business Wondering About The Benefits of This Ever Changing Online Encylopedia

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have recently begun filing for divorce, which has the whole entertainment world up in arms. The involvement of their beautiful children makes the inner-workings of their in-progress divorce especially personal. Unfortunately, fans of the couple’s marriage are trying to pull others into this trying, stressful time. And, when fans changed french actress Marion Cotillard’s Wikipedia page to say that her occupation was “cheater” and “the reason why the power couple broke up”, they did just that. (elitedaily) A divorce is very serious, especially when children and custody disputes are taking place.

While there are rumors about infidelity, they are not proven and these allegations could bring an adherent risk of Brad Pitt losing access to his children. It’s not Marion Cotillard’s fault, anyone can edit a Wikipedia page. (elitedaily) It makes many wonder, why wouldn’t she just delete the page? The biggest reasons for Wikipedia pages are exposure and credibility. (getyourwiki) For an individual, such as Marion Cotillard, the benefits you get when you make a Wiki page are limited but for a business the benefits are endless.

For starters, making a Wikipedia page gives you the ability to edit a Wikipedia page and control press about your business. Additional, it gives your customers the ability to research your company to learn more about it, which builds trust. (getyourwiki) Wikipedia pages also help with increased website traffic, with its 500 million unique visitors and 18 billion overall page views per month. (qz) Though your Wiki page probably won’t be getting the full 18 billion, you can expect additional website views. Not to mention Wikipedia has fantastic positioning on google.

To the dismay of many, Wikipedia has strict guidelines for businesses and even still any individual can edit your business page. This massive, not-for-profit organization has more articles than Encylopedia Britannica and prides itself on being an objective knowledge source. (qz) Wikipedia doesn’t like self-promotion and if they can prove that a company is making its own page it’ll be flagged and deleted. (jeffbullas) While Wikipedia is a fantastic promotional tool Wiki pages should be informational and adhere to strick guidelines.

Additionally, Wikipedia is aware of the problem of editing spammers and has recently started using Objective Revision Evaluation Service an artificially intelligent tool to evaluate and block malicious editing attempts. (observer) Wikipedia is the 7th most visited website on the internet (qz) and any business needs a Wiki, it has many benefits but the most important benefit is building consumer trust.


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