Your Skin Will Love Shea Butter


Shea butter happens to be one fo the best substances out there for nourishing and healing the skin as well as managing a host of different conditions. Shea butter actually comes from Shea Trees, and the butter has been utilized for many generations for taking care of skin related issues. Shea butter is high in vitamins and is an anti-inflammatory, which helps for things like dry skins and eczema. It can also help the skin heal up blemishes and stretch marks. Today, Shea butter comes in all kinds of products, including lotions, lip balms, soaps, and conditioners.


The mother and daughter that owned Eugenia Shea have one of the best products available when it comes to organic and natural Shea butter. The company was named after Eugenia, the mother, who used to use the Shea butter for helping people with their skin as well as herself back in Ghana. Back then she used the substance in its pure and natural state. When Eugenia’s daughter had to take care of her when she fell ill, it sparked a journey for her that would ultimately lead to Eugenia Shea, a product that can help everyone’s skin at an affordable price.


Eugenia Shea cares about the presentation of its product and how it is received, which is why they have them contained within elegant colored tins, coming with a variety of different scents for different people to enjoy.

Kyle Bass Has Earned The Attention Of The New Establishment Summit

In 2008, Kyle Bass was one of a select minority who believed that sub-prime mortgages were only building a bubble soon to collapse. In September, that bubble burst and Bass made a fortune. He had invested wisely, and the worldwide financial media was very interested to hear his story. Since then he’s had a regular media platform whenever he wants it, and Bass has never been shy about making use of that amenity. The plot thickens, though, because before the 2008 collapse, Bass was employed with Bear-Stearns, one of the top investment banks on Wall Street when the financial dominoes started knocking each other over. Shortly after his employment with Bear-Stearns dissolved, a journalist received a tip that was broadcast over the airwaves Monday morning. By the end of the week, Bear-Stearns had dropped so much in stock value, J.P. Morgan-Chase was forced to buy them out. Kyle Bass slipped the tip that dropped Bear-Stearns. In a way, he initiated what would eventually be the 2008 financial meltdown. He didn’t cause it, but he initiated it.

Kyle Bass also runs CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. This organization uses the sick to leverage stock drops on Wall Street. Bass short-sells his holdings when the drops hit and skips away with millions. Meanwhile the companies targeted, pharmaceutical corporations, lose so much money they have to curtail budgetary expenditure to departments like Research and Development. Return On Investment with R&D is always low. When a company loses assets, low-ROI depts. are the first to go. In the end, the sick lose medical advances, so all they get for CAD’s intervention is stagnation.

With these things in mind, the selection of Kyle Bass as a speaker at the next New Establishment Summit convention is slightly strange. Vanity Fair reports this event will take place on the 19th and 20th of October, 2016. The CEO of and the Vice President of Apple will also be speaking there. Both men are expected speakers–they’re industry leaders in technology and industry.